About us

The key to success of any science and research project are the best available technologies, materials and equipment. ProScience Tech offers comprehensive service for a variety of research activities, from basic to applied research, both for academic institutions and commercial companies.

A comprehensive perspective is what it takes to predispose a high quality background for research. ProScience Tech integrates solutions in terms of technologies, materials and equipment. We do not represent a single brand, platform or technology, thanks to which we are independent and able to provide our Clients with the best available solution in any field of research.

Thanks to our independent position and a thorough knowledge of the needs of research institutions, we are prepared to deliver state-of-the-art comprehensive solutions as well as a reliable service for science and research labs.

ProScience Tech covers a broad range of activities from in-depth audit of scientific processes, through delivery, configuration and service of equipment, to implementation of entire research and development projects.

ProScience Tech was founded in 2010. Our team comprises experts from the field of scientific research and is highly knowledgeable about the business environment. ProScience Tech consists of consultants with more than 15 years of experience working on demanding projects aimed at supporting scientific and research activities.